Tuesday, September 16, 2014

When In Singapore: Iced Lemon Tea

Every time I decide to cut down on my sugar intake, that's when I would be craving for a glass of Ice cold Lemon Tea. And nothing can compare to how Singaporeans do it. I think I can say that I have tasted the best Iced Lemon Tea in this country. And you do not need to go to fancy restaurants to taste a good one. Even in the nearest Kopitiam, you will get this oh-so-good drink for as low as a dollar and fifty. So if you intend to visit Singapore, stay away from the canned sodas and try this goodness. It's safe, it's sinful yet it's delicious. 

And if you really want to take with you this drink back home, then I can recommend Seasons Iced Lemon Tea. It's the best for the canned version but not as yummy as the ones auntie is making for you. 

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