Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When in Singapore: Old Chang Kee Delights

I have to stop salivating ‘cause I can’t start writing this entry. Yes! Doing this entry is a bit difficult because I am imagining how mouth-melting these goodies-on-stick are. Ohlala, those fried sotongs for a very affordable price – how can you resist that?! Or my favorite – the Chicken Wrap on stick, dang! Just thinking about it makes my tummy growl. I want one! Really, like right now. 

Old Chang Kee is a local favorite since year 1956. Like any other success stories, this store started with a humble beginning – the curry puff. Singaporeans would travel all the way to Mackenzie Road (the original store) to taste the Rex Puff. Then as the years go by, this brand has become one of Singapore’s Pride. Their products are not only being loved by locals, even foreigners are being captivated by these goodies. You can find one almost everywhere – from the malls to train stations. 

An easy to-go before you start your day; a bite in the middle of your stressful day; or just simply satisfying your craving for fried food.At any time of the day, you can eat it and at any time of the day, it will surely satisfy you. 

So I gotta go,  I need to satisfy my craving. Need to rush to one of their stores now.

Official Website: http://www.oldchangkee.com/our-heritage.htm
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