Sunday, February 16, 2014

Meg and Dia in Singapore 2014

The first concert for year 2014. You probably don't know who they are. Well, Dia's from the first season of my favourite singing competition in the United States - The Voice. She was the very first singer to join a competition with a unique tune. Come on! What we consider to be good singers are the ones with the vocal power and can belt out Mariah Carey songs. But with her rendition of Bubbly, Blake didn't need another second to push that button. I doubted that she could make it to the battles, much less the final round, but with her outstanding talent and artistry, she had proved me wrong. So yeah, she grew on me during the competition and she blew my mind away with her take on "Heartless". So when I saw that she would be coming over, I immediately contacted my friends and we bought tickets to see her and her sister, Meg perform songs. It was an intimate experience, a very good size of crowd that you could still sway to the songs they're singing. Plus, you get to meet up with them after the concert - not necessarily chat and hang with them, but still, a photo taken with them.. AWESOME! (this is actually the reason for the delay, I waited for the photo to be published)

Anyway, here are some of the clips I've taken to share with the world.. No Autotune and lip -sync which made attending their concert worth the money. 

Wake Me Up 

Inventing Shadows

(This performance alone made the concert ticket worth the price)

Meet & Greet Photos:

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