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Do you ever believe in the saying "Everything happens for a reason?" I bet it's hard to see it that way when you are in a difficult situation. Who would like to believe that when you are suffering, it is for your benefit? For your own good? But it is insanely true. I for one have my fair share of difficulties in life that whenever I look back to those days, and where I am now, I can say that I have benefited to those moments. For example, I had a difficulty in looking for a non-support job in Singapore; it took me months and several support role offers before this incredible role came to my plate. Thinking about it, that couple of months made me question my capabilities which at this point helped me realize that I can be better. During those months that I knew how my loved ones (close friends included) believe in me which was more than how I believed in myself. See! not only did I realize that I can be better; but I need to believe in myself too. So these months of difficulty benefited my soul and my mind in a way I could not get from attending seminars and classes.

Here is an article from thedailylove about how circumstances benefit us. Another food for the soul. 

It can sometimes be a tough thing to accept that the conditions and experiences that come into our lives are there to benefit us.
I thought I had dodged the bullet with my acting out behaviors but there was huge payback. I could never escape myself. I stopped seeing Source/Uni-verse/Higher Power/God in others and instead objectified them. My coping mechanisms hurt myself and others but at the time I just refused to see that there would ever be a payback. If you don’t acknowledge the heart and soul of others you lose your own heart and soul and that itself is lofty compensation.
Obstacles and difficulties in our lives are just an indication that we are either refusing to let go of what we no longer need or we are refusing to accept that which we need to enhance our greater good and the good of others.
Nothing comes our way that isn’t completely necessary for our growth and unfoldment. (Tweet-worthy!) Obstacles will continue to come our way until we realize their wisdom and use them as motivation for further growth.
Personal growth is about the exchange of the old to make way for the new. It’s about giving up our good to make space for our greater good. We cannot get what we want in our lives if we hold on firmly to that which is no longer serving us.
“We reap what we sow,” is Uni-versal law. What is also law is that we gain strength and power in exact proportion to the efforts we expend to overcome our difficulties.
Personal growth demands that we put our biggest efforts into what is in perfect alignment with our greater good. It’s like focusing on that one focused “Main Thing” which is the traction point for growing a business or enhancing a romantic relationship.
The Law of Attraction, which is also the Law of Love, is what manifests the material into our external worlds. It follows then that love is the quality that brings vitality to our thoughts and enables them to become supercharged, empowered, manifestation machines!
The first thing that follows a thought is a sound and those sounds make up our words. This is why the words we choose are vitally important to our spiritual wellbeing. Our words are the first initial manifestation of our thoughts. Our words are the vessels that transport our thoughts. This is why it is no spiritual cliché that the words we use about ourselves and others are vitally important. We should always be on guard for using words that are in any way negating or limiting of ourselves and others.
Thoughts, supported by words, drive our actions. Our actions express our thoughts into visible or material things. Words are thoughts becoming things.
If we want to create harmonious conditions in our worlds, then it follows that we should only entertain harmonious thoughts.
If we want to create abundance in our worlds, we should think only of abundance.
Unfortunately the reverse is also true. We cannot escape the negating mental pictures we constantly force into our subconscious minds. And because words are our thoughts expressed as sound, it makes sense that we should be constantly alert to use nothing but constructive and positive language.
We will manifest more of the things that support our greater good when we raise our levels of consciousness and become aware of the words we use.
Choose your thoughts and words wisely.
It’s no metaphysical platitude that thoughts become things.
It’s a Uni-versal law.
I now see how those things that challenged me were in fact my life’s greatest gift and they were  signposts that were pointing me in the direction home.
So, can you accept that the tough things that come your way are there to teach and serve you?
Would you be willing to risk letting go of the old to make way for the new?
Could you trust that love is the quality that adds vitality to your thoughts and by thinking loving thoughts so you will become a supercharged, manifestation machine?

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