Saturday, February 8, 2014

It's More Fun in the Philippines

This is the latest slogan to promote to the world the
Pearl of the Orient Seas, my country, The Philippines. Catchy isn't it? Probably a big statement to fill but you should see what the Philippines can offer. A country of more than seven thousand islands, with different experiences to offer you - relaxation, adventure, party, city life or simply fun. I am working overseas now, I can say I haven't travelled the whole of the Philippines, but I will never be a foreigner to my country. Given the chance, once in a while, island per island, I will try to visit and experience the whole country. A paradise that could not be destroyed even by the worst typhoon ever made landfall (special mention: Haiyan). It is in the Philippines where you can see one of the new seven wonders of nature: Puerto Princesa's Underground River in Palawan (which is also considered the world's longest navigable underground river). It is in our country you can see the world's smallest active volcano, Taal Volcano; the "Perfect cone" volcano, Mayon Volcano; one of CNN's best surf spots in the world: Siargao; one of the best beaches in the world, Boracay; and recently the number one of the 35 clearest waters in the world you need to swim in before you die article by Daily News Dig, Linacapan Island in Palawan. Our country is also the home of the biggest eagle, the Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle; the smallest primate, tarsier; the biggest fish, the whale shark;and the world's smallest hoofed animal, the Philippine Mouse Deer. And a lot more things and facts that if I go on, this entry will be a novel.

With the help of social media, the slogan became popular especially when Filipinos are joining in to promote the country, using their own photos taken from every place they've been to and every festival they have been a part of. Here are some of the photos (with the It's more fun in the Philippines) and the official video of this tourism effort - a very cool one.  

What's more fun in the Philippines? Here are some of the exceptional things my clever fellow Filipinos came up with. 

Of course, every country has a rough side. We have cities and all the associated problems that one cannot avoid, such as heavy traffic. But isn't it a fact to any place affected by civilization and modernization? However, what I am promoting is the fact that the Philippines is still a paradise. One city cannot identify the whole country. One must go out of the city, go to the provinces/islands and experience something extraordinary; something spectacular and that is, being mesmerized by the beauty of the 7107 islands.

Official Website:
Photos are grabbed from the web. #itsmorefuninthephilippines

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