Friday, February 21, 2014

The Follow-Up: Happy Being Me

Okay, I have the urge to do a follow-up entry about the topic I have posted yesterday. With the concern I have received from all my dear friends and loved ones, I may need to elaborate more on that one sentence in the last paragraph - "I am not sorry to be me".  I am happy with who I am, and I am happy with my life.

I am not your Damsel in Distress and I am proud to be a superwoman. With what life threw on me, I learned at an early age how to deal with problems. With the opportunity here in another country, I learned how to be independent. With the loss of my mother, I learned to value life more. I never regretted the learnings behind those milestones, because at the end of the day I know these made me who I am now - a strong woman who can deal with life and appreciate every moment of it.

I never back down to challenges and I am proud to be successful. I see challenges as opportunities to be better. I see arguments as a way to see the bigger picture and see the other side of the story. I see things positively. I am proud to have this positive outlook in life, because it's what makes my world a better place.

I am proud to be truthful. I may be tactless at times, but who I am is who I am. I may need to work on the filter, but believe me when I say, what you see in me is who I really am. An open book as what others say. I express my thoughts and you can always see my soul in my eyes.

I may mess up, I already told you about it. But at the end of the day, I feel good about myself. And I know that I am happy with my life right now and happy to be learning about others too. The sorry is for all those who can't see through me. If you see only the surface - tagging me as tactless without knowing me; tagging me as inconsiderate without analyzing me - then you can go ahead and miss the opportunity to be part of my Happy Inner Circle. Because I am telling you, it's helluva fun to have me in your life. Right my dear friends? 

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