Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback: Sweet 18

I still remember the whole event – the event I chose over a brand new car. Yes, back then I was asked if instead of a Debutante Party, I would be given a shiny car as a gift. For others, it may have been an easy choice, of course the car; but for me, I chose an experience, a once in a lifetime experience (come on! we only get to be eighteen once) I had a wonderful Debutante Party. Besides, I was only a train ride away from UST (from end to end), why would I drive a car during the peak hours and say hello to heavy flow of traffic every day? Also, I would not cut down my allowance for what? Gasoline and parking? Nah, I’d rather take the train every day and eat a feast with buddies. Also, the main reason why I chose the party was because it was a dream of my sister and my mother for me to have one. My sister kinda pushed the idea to me since hers was overshadowed by the christening of our baby brother and that it was my mother’s dream to give her daughter a grand debutante party. So with that alone, I chose the wonderful party – one of the best memories of my teenage years I must say.

It was a simple party – really. A very typical debutante party I must say; me wearing a gown; invited close friends and classmates; good feast; eighteen gifts, shots and dance. But for me, it was something extraordinary, a success. Because I was the main organizer of the whole party – the menu, the invitations, the guestlist, the programme, the place and even the gown – my design came to life. At that time, when everything fell into place, I knew that I can be an event organizer (for those who are interested with my service, you can just drop me an email. HAHA). Anyway, the best thing about it, I saw the love and the sincere smiles from all of my loved ones. I saw the happiness in my mother’s eyes when I was walking towards my “throne” (one of her dreams came true). I saw the love from all the first guys I love (my father and brothers). And finally, I saw how happy my friends were that I turned eighteen. HAHA. One of the perks of being eighteen, booze is legal – my mother was even eyeing me when she saw me with a bottle of Red Wine after the party.

It was an experience to remember. I was a princess for that day – all eyes were on me and my curly hair in that pink dress. What do you think? Was I fabulous? 

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