Tuesday, May 12, 2015

AGT: Filipinos Got Talent

I am back in the cyber world. Imagine that this is the only time that I have my personal laptop opened and do actually a write up. Oh my, life happened  and I was so sick for the past month. I know words should still be flowing as only my earthly body was affected by the sudden change in temperature (or commonly known as fever), but what can I do? Inspirations were not in the vicinity and I couldn't seem to find a good subject that I could write about and share to the whole world. Until, last 7th May 2015 when 4 slots in the current Asia's Got Talent were earned by my fellow countrymen. They are the reasons why I do say that I do not know how to sing (*hmm I am kinda in tune - friends, defend me in here) and I do not know how to dance well. These people might have started singing with their Magic Sing and dance in Fiestas and School Programmes, but the level of talent they have and their creativity - absolutely mind blowing. Absolutely fantastic. Here's to wishing at least one of them win the competition, because they are talented. So proud of you guys. 

Here are their performance in the Grand Finals. Videos are owned by Asia's Got Talent. Grabbed from Youtube

El Gamma Penumbra

Gwyneth Dorado 

Gerphil Flores

Junior New System

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Repost: 3 Quotes That Teach Us About Being Human

Here is an excerpt of an interesting article I have recently read that made me think of how simple reality like the stars can be a man's guide to living.  Full article can be accessed on the link below. 

 Any of us may have that place within that we would rather not see. We wish to hide it for fear of rejection and disconnection, or we may wish to deny it to avoid the discomfort that comes with acknowledgment. It is hard to see ourselves clearly from this position.  This is when the “good enoughs” and “shoulds” may be most persuasive.

We can become identified with our problems, emotions, and thoughts.

Long before I understood my relationship with myself, I was aware of the exceptions to these feelings. I enjoyed the brief moments of separation from my thoughts and judgments. In those moments, I could appreciate me.

Time with nature has always helped me find my center. An act as simple as sitting in the backyard could provide me with peace. Even while moving, I find that nature encourages stillness within.

The sky, stars, and trees have a great deal to teach us if we are ready to learn.

“You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.” – PemaChodron

The sky and its changing faces teach us about resilience and acceptance. The sky can teach us that most things in life are temporary.We are not shattered by life’s obstacles any more than the sky is shattered by thunder and lightning. We are not washed away by tears any more than the sky is washed away by rain. Our emotions are no more permanent than the wind.
Even after the brightest days, the sky must also see the dark of night. We, too, must learn that both the good and bad shall pass.

“The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

Sometimes, we overlook what is good. Positive events can be overshadowed by troubles. Close friendships may be invisible in times of conflict. Our own value seems to fade with comparison and competition.
The stars can be like this. Have you ever noticed what happens to the stars away from the bright city lights? They are luminous. They are everywhere.  It seems that they have just appeared, but the stars had really been there all along. They were just covered up.
Now ask yourself, when was the last time you actively noticed the stars? It can be easy go about our evenings and never look up. The stars are always there waiting to be revealed, but we must also remember to look for them.
In this way, the stars teach us about gratitude and self-compassion. They teach us that many good things have been there all along, even if we can’t see them.
It is important for us to first remember that like the stars, our strengths, close relationships, and positive moments are there even when they seem invisible. We must then remember to look. Appreciation is not always automatic, and kindness toward ourselves may not be routine. We can, however, learn.

“I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

For me, perfectionism has everything to do with vulnerability. We may fear that allowing for imperfection will result in failure. We may perceive embracing our imperfections as giving up. We can tell ourselves that allowing someone else to really see us could lead to rejection.
The forest can teach us about vulnerability and relationships. Within the forest reside creatures, many of whom are hidden in dark spaces. There are shadows in the forest. There are trails to unknown destinations.
There are also clearings, brooks, and flowers in the forest. In the forest, one might hear birdsong or happen upon a majestic view.
We could avoid the forest to stay safe and avoid getting lost, but at what cost?
Like the darkness of a forest, we may all fear that secret place within ourselves that we see as unsafe, unknowable, and unlovable. We avoid looking altogether. We may disguise, suppress, and bury.
We might similarly resist vulnerability in relationships. We hold ourselves back and close ourselves off. We do this because allowing others in leaves us vulnerable.
As with the forest, entering that uncertain territory holds risks but also abundant rewards. When we stop hiding, we can truly know ourselves. When we are vulnerable with others, we can also find true connection. Only then can we reveal the good within us and appreciate the good in others.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kyoto: Reversed Tokyo

Whenever I reminisce my visit to Japan, my mind would first drift to that day spent in Kyoto. From the awesome travel via the very famous bullet train; to seeing Mount Fuji during to ride; definitely, Kyoto is the place to be. One will definitely be captivated by the city’s richness in culture. Temples, green, nature, these are the things you will definitely appreciate when visiting this city. Something which is too different from the vibrance of Tokyo.  Here, you will appreciate the abundance of trees than the strom lights along the street. Here, you will appreciate a number of magnificent temples than concrete and elaborately designed architecture. Here, you will appreciate the Geisha performance than that of the Jpop culture. Here, you will love the quietness than that of the lovely noise.  Here, you will feel like you can live simply and happily. At least that’s what this city has gotten me into feeling and thinking.

Arigato Kyoto. Til I visit your kingdom again. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Gaga over Gaga

For the past days, all I see on my facebook feed is Lady Gaga. From her being engaged to the hottie Taylor Kinnie to her performance at the Oscars. Definitely, she's the talk of the whole universe. Why wouldn't she be? She's just simply AH-MAZING. I have been her fan the moment those Blonde Full Bangs danced around the Poker Face video. I know from the start that she's a great artist even with her  unusual style and crazy video concepts. She's great period, full stop. And this Sound of Music Medley of her has just proven everyone that she's one of the greatest artists of our generation. Besides the fact that she's dang sexy and beautiful. 

Here is her outstanding performance at the Oscars everyone is talking about. Let me join the bandwagon and share it again. and again... and again...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On Top of the World (literally)

Speechless. Blessed. Amazed. 

These are the words that came to my mind after that 30 minutes flight to the highest point in the world, Mt. Everest.

When my friends and I booked our flights to Kathmandu, we never thought of even stepping at the foot of Mount Everest; having only four days to check out the city. Kathmandu has a distinct beauty I would tell in another blog entry. This entry is dedicated only for the experience worth more than what I have paid for – to see the peak of Mt. Everest. Yes, if you are visiting Nepal and don’t have time to trek, or energy for it, you can take the Everest Express worth 200 USD to go to a ride of a lifetime. You will be riding a small plane that will take you to see the peak of Mount Everest and the rest of the Himalayan range. I could say, that plane ride is literally the best so far. I thought seeing the Alps from my flight last year to Munich is  pretty cool, this experience is beyond anything words can describe. 

Okay, I am blabbing again but dang! I am still having goosebumps whenever I relive that experience. I am sharing some grainy photos and a video but I am telling you, you need to experience it yourself. 
Mount Everest is not only for the braveheart; but also for those with big dreams. 

Been Here!


Yey Baby!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Fall Out Boy: American Psycho/ American Beauty

I never thought that it has been over a year now since the release of "Save Rock and Roll" album of Fall Out Boy - one of my favourite rock bands of all time. It has been over a year of head-banging with the tunes of Phoenix, My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark, Alone Together and Just One Yesterday to name a few. This time, let's once again bang our heads with the band's new album, American Psycho / America Beauty. 

Kudos to this band for releasing a new album of great songs.  Haha, I sound like a total fan in here. I am a proud F.O.B fan but I am not the only one. Well, well, well, the album earned the number one in the Billboard 200 after its release. That means one thing - it's a great album. Let's get start with a Big Hero 6 soundtrack, Immortals. Yup, it's from them.

And a few songs from the album. Can't wait to get a hold of this album soon. 


American Psycho / American Beauty

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015: Everyday Happiness

I am seven days behind for posting something in this blog to welcome the year 2015. I left my immune system back home and did function as a zombie with nonstop coughing during the last days of 2014. However, my mind made sure that I would have a direction for this year. Last year, I told about what I wanted to accomplish  (see this) : To be a person with a bold mind, a brave heart and a selfless soul. Though building those would take time, and I am still working on being that person, I am sure taking that first step of deciding who I want to be is already a huge accomplishment. This year, I have 2 guiding principles. The first one is my 2015 hashtag. This will be my mantra throughout the year, it is #NoMoreExcuses. No more excuses on starting something. No more excuses on saying something. No more excuses on expressing oneself. This year, I vow to embrace life as it is. Friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances, join me in taking that leap of faith and take action to what our hearts and minds tell us.

The second thing that I will be doing differently is keeping a diary of Happy Moments for this year. I am calling this life project - Everyday Happiness. Logging at least one Happy Moment per day is a key to thinking living life is a mundane routine but an exciting journey. Trust me, someday when you look back and read through each day passed, you'd have that smile on your face. Plot anything that made you smile for that day - from seeing your office crush if you have one or getting a free ice cream, to big events on your life, your wedding or birthday perhaps. One simple sentence for each day would tell you personally how you are living your life, if you are actually living it.

I got my small organizer that I keep close to my bed and write the Best thing that happened for that day before I sleep. I intend to do it religiously.

So I tell you, for this year, start something. That first step is the biggest step in shaping this year to our likeness. 

Happy 2015 Everyone.