Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Throwback: Chumbayan

One thing I still miss 'til today is  one order (or two) of Chumbayan Siomai (Siew Mai / Dimsum). I still remember specifically walking from  Roque Ruaño Building all the way to Dapitan to have my daily dose of this famous street food near UST. Back then, that was our choice of snack, or sometimes, lunch. That inexpensive yet totally delicious dimsum for just 20 pesos (one order of 4 pieces) was one of the best dishes of my University life. Haha, I am a foodie even before but with limited budget of course. Woah! until now I can still remember the taste of this mouth-watering siomai, and even until today, thinking about it makes me salivate. I better fix this hunger very soon before I go wild. HAHAHA

Oh well, the last time I had a taste of this was last 2010 when my classmates and I went for the annual Paskuhan. We were already working and earning money, we could've went to Yellowcab for dinner but still, we chose this. Nothing beats that favourite food of yours.

With Manong serving our orders

The siomai and the over-flowing condiment of soy sauce, chilli, and garlic.
Filipinos love condiments to enhance the taste of any dish. 

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