Sunday, March 16, 2014

Boyce Avenue

Youtube is no longer just a site of cutesy videos, spoofs, trailers, uploaded movies, and gags. This site has become a way to stardom and recognition. And one band benefited the most from Youtube and that is  Boyce Avenue. This is a band that does covers of famous songs and turn them into an acoustic art you've never imagined to be so good. A strip down version of fast songs like We Found Love by Rihanna and Wake Me Up by Avicii are some of the awesome ideas of Boyce Avenue.Alejandro has a good voice too. Well, I am such a fan ever since I heard them or rather watched them first on Youtube.

Last year, I had a chance to watch them live here in Singapura. Not only did I confirm that they are great on doing live performance (meaning no auto-tunes and all voice enhancers), I had the chance to sing along to some of their current covers and original songs. Overall, the concert's great and the experience was worth every penny I spent. 

Here are some of the clips I took from the concert. These are only clips, not the whole song. I kind of enjoyed raising my arms, bumping to the tune and sing along to the songs. Not my fault you didn't experience it first hand.

Fix You

Fast Car

We Found Love

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