Monday, March 24, 2014

Let's be Young

It's Monday again and everyone should start this day with a GRIN (flashing those pearly white teeth to everyone you encounter). I know, it's easier said than done. Monday, like what I told before, it's the shortest horror story. But, well, let's be positive and try smiling. Maybe someone will be charmed by your smile that will make his Monday, his fairy tale. Well honestly right now, I need a person who will SMILE that Big Smile to me. I need to maintain my cool, and I need someone to help me on that.

Well, this early morning, I was singing So Young by the Corrs - very classic song but still good to listen once in a while. And that made me do this entry. Let's be young and be merry. Let's be carefree. Let's sing our hearts out. Let's savour this dandy day. Here are the songs that will really make our Monday a Young and Fun one. 

So Young
The Corrs 

Great Escape
Boys Like Girls

We Are Young

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