Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Throwback: Retreat with IM

I believe it was a day after our Preliminary exams on our first semester in Senior Year that we had our retreat. A chance for the class of IM batch 2009 to be together in a place where I personally had the chance to reflect and have a date with the Lord in one of the most solemn places I have ever been. Well, if given the opportunity (more of the leaves ), I would like to go back to Caleruega and have that needed retreat to get things into perspective again. 

For that weekend, I believe I have cried a bucket of tears from all the sharing of everyone I was with for 4 years in the University. Personally, I was overwhelmed by the fact that each of us had things to resolve, situations to overcome, and challenges to deal with and these were all hidden by how happy go lucky we were then (and we were too young then, probably 19 year-olds). It was in that event  that I could say I have solidified friendships worth keeping until forever. I have my "Bok", my Bes, the three bears,  the Mean Girls, the Happy Three Friends, the fitness buddies to name a few of them who until now I consider my close friends. 

Also, like what I have said, I had a date with the Lord. True enough, I have cried too for Him. Those 3 days were like being in the mental hospital because one time we were laughing hard and then all of a sudden, you’d see tears in our eyes. The palanca letters, I know they are still somewhere in Magnolia. Someday, I will read them again and smile to whatever it is you have written. Yes!! Overall,  the experience was something I would treasure forever. If I get the chance to write something for tomorrow’s entry, that would be the result of the time capsule we have planned 5 years ago. 

Caleruaga, Nasugbu Batangas, PH
Someday, I will go back to this place

Information Management class of 2009 in our vulnerable moment

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