Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On Top of the World (literally)

Speechless. Blessed. Amazed. 

These are the words that came to my mind after that 30 minutes flight to the highest point in the world, Mt. Everest.

When my friends and I booked our flights to Kathmandu, we never thought of even stepping at the foot of Mount Everest; having only four days to check out the city. Kathmandu has a distinct beauty I would tell in another blog entry. This entry is dedicated only for the experience worth more than what I have paid for – to see the peak of Mt. Everest. Yes, if you are visiting Nepal and don’t have time to trek, or energy for it, you can take the Everest Express worth 200 USD to go to a ride of a lifetime. You will be riding a small plane that will take you to see the peak of Mount Everest and the rest of the Himalayan range. I could say, that plane ride is literally the best so far. I thought seeing the Alps from my flight last year to Munich is  pretty cool, this experience is beyond anything words can describe. 

Okay, I am blabbing again but dang! I am still having goosebumps whenever I relive that experience. I am sharing some grainy photos and a video but I am telling you, you need to experience it yourself. 
Mount Everest is not only for the braveheart; but also for those with big dreams. 

Been Here!


Yey Baby!

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