Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Back Into Perspective

 Six months have passed since I made this blog site live and share fleeting moments and information out in the public. Coincidentally, this entry is the 100th entry and for days now I am thinking about a good topic to write about. And suddenly, it clicked: I am going to write about what life has been and if I am on track to what I promised to be (wrote about it on my first entry- click here.)

Six months have passed, have I improved on being the person I wanted to be? A person with a bold mind, a braver heart and a selfless soul. I can say that I am still a work in progress as it’s not an easy walk to be the ideal self when living the reality. Challenges, routines, reality, and problems are there to make this life interesting.

I told myself that I want to be a person with a bold mind to understand others beyond spoken words. I gotta say that during the past months and until now, I would still rely on spoken words to realize and accept things. I guess, I just don’t like to make assumptions that in the end would ruin me. Maybe ruin is a strong word, but assumptions could lead to bad outcomes. At the moment when I wrote about this goal, I was thinking about having a deep connection with the people close to my heart. And with this came a goal to feel with them without the need to utter the words to explain things. I gotta say that it had improved on that aspect, but with other things in relation with work and many other relationships I have, spoken words are still important to me as they make the scenario clearer.

Secondly, I told myself that I want to be a person with a braver heart. Ironically, this year made me realize that sharing the love with others other than my family and friends is not an easy task for me.  Realizing it made me work on this aspect of myself. Love in all aspects needs to be explored without any bad premonition. For the past months, I kept telling myself that I need to let everything flow and just feel it. And right now, I can say that I CAN SAY YES to this and welcome it  (along with the challenges and feelings I might encounter along the way ) with open arms and mind.

Lastly, I told myself that I want to be a person with a selfless soul. Helping others in need is something my mother used to do every time she had the chance.  Right now, I am living in a country where poverty is almost negligible. How will you extend a help to a rich country? Well, I could say that thank goodness for organizations such as Red Cross and UNICEF, I could just wire extra money to help those in need. I might be in the actual site helping the kids but at least I know that whatever I share, I share it to make them smile at least for a moment.

I am a work in progress but at least it reminded me of what I wanted to be. A little reminder is all I need to get back into perspective. 

Into Perspective 

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