Friday, July 11, 2014

Barcelona: Warmth & Happiness

It’s been awhile since the last time I had the chance to write about my trip last spring (I kinda like using the 4 season reference instead of the 2 seasons in Southeast Asia). Anyway, reality and routine have gotten me back to my ordinary exciting life and here I am sitting on my computer chair, trying to relive this experience. On the day my sister and I flew to Barcelona, we were a bit tired from flying (the night before, we flew back to Amsterdam from Munich) and from lack of sleep. But I wasn't complaining because at that moment, flying meant another chance to explore a new city. As this was needed to be pushed through, well, we pushed it through. We almost missed our flight due to not waking up on time. But then again, us, being expert on catching our flights, made it to the last minute before the gate was closed (literally, we were the last passengers to check in).  Side Story: Normally, we would check in online but with Vueling, one needed to choose the seat, and at that time, the premiums were the only ones available. They cost around 40 Euros each so we didn’t avail them, hence we weren’t checked in online. Luckily, since they were the only ones unoccupied, they were assigned to us without any extra cost. HAHAHA

When we arrived, the first thing that I noticed was it was hot. I smiled because this time around I had the correct set of clothing (but I still have my coat and my tights with me for emergency purposes). We were excited shedding some layers off. The weather’s one of the positive factors of our stay in Barcelona.  The sun’s good and so the pictures. No wonder, I had too many photos of the places since the lighting’s perfect.

The reason why I planned on visiting Barcelona was because my friends told me it was beautiful- well, come to think of it, what’s not beautiful in Europe? Heck, one of my friends even told me that his highlight of their entire Europe Trip was being inside Sagrada Familia. So, I chose Barcelona over Athens as sister told me to choose only one. But I didn't regret that decision because Barcelona's amazing. Here are the reasons why:

1. Perfect Weather. Damn, I was on the verge of cursing Amsterdam's weather because it was really freezing cold at the time I was there and it was only Spring. Good thing, Barcelona's weather was perfect for defrost. I got the chance to remove some layers and expose some skin. HAHA

2. Challenging Vision and Execution for both Classic and Modern Architecture. The first two weeks of my trip was meant for seeing all the Classic Architecture such as Baroque, Gothic, Neo-Classical, Romanesque. When I visited Barcelona, I was shocked to see very detailed and challenging designs. It even made Barcelona a happy and colorful city. 

3. Beaches are everywhere. I always take pride of the beaches in the Philippines. Because, come on, they are breathtaking and beautiful. But usually, you need to travel (at least 2 hours) from Manila to get to experience the beach (Our country being an Archipelago).  So, I was damn happy to visit a beach, a few minutes away from the city center. I took off my shoes, walked along the shores and took time in admiring how the españois spend their time on the beach - some having a picnic, some having a stroll, some playing beach volleyball. But one thing's for sure, they're having fun. 

4. Food is mouthwatering. Though some Filipino Dishes are Spanish inspired thanks to the 300 years of being a colony, eating authentic Paellas and Tapas is something one must do in Spain. Damn! Our three days were spent rewarding our tired body with food that made our eyes flutter. Sooooooo good. 

5. Sagrada Familia. This place needs to be one good reason for visiting Barcelona. Its design is very intricate and it's a dream worth seeing. It is still under construction but I will for sure go back to Barcelona to see it again once it's done - though I am not sure if this lifetime will allow me to see it complete. 

There are much more good things about Barcelona such as the Cava, the Sangria, the Cerveza San Miguel,  the Empanadas, Parc Guell, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Desigual, Jamon, and the People. But these five are my top five good points of Barca. I will for sure go back to Barcelona, without the Bus Turistic, with a swim suit, and a sun block.
One more thing to add. I found my childhood favorite ice cream in Barcelona - Maxibon!! Damn, I was giddy when I saw it on the streets. It took me back to the days when saving money meant eating my favorite ice cream. 

Barcelona, I will be back for sure. 

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