Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Throwback Series: Bangkok Jam

For a couple of times this week, I was being asked if I've ever been to Bangkok. And just last night, I craved for a plate of Pad Thai and went straight to Bangkok Jam to have this craving satisfied. With these, I believe I have to share my Bangkok Jam experience. A lovely chaos every bit of my body loved.

It was back in 2012 when I stumbled on a good deal for a free and easy Bangkok Getaway. It was originally planned with my friend but with a change on her schedule, she couldn’t join me. As everything has been arranged, I went to check in my circle who would like to join me on such a short notice, and good thing another friend was willing to join my trip. This was our first time in the city, and dang, it was a great one.

Let me share with you some of our adventures in this city.

Tuktuk – The King of the Road

Getting around the city is best done with a tuktuk. You will just love the experience even if you’re practically stuck in the traffic and inhaling much of the smoke emitted by the cars and taxis around you.

 Buddha, Temple & Pagoda Everywhere

One thing you wouldn’t & shouldn’t miss when going to Bangkok is to indulge in their culture and appreciate their beliefs. You will get to see Buddhas, Temples & Pagodas everywhere. And how authentic it could be – you will get to see monks walking around. Of course, if you decide to visit their place of worship – you gotta respect the place by abiding to the dress code. So even if it was scorching hot when I went there, I needed to wear my sleeved shirt and some jeans to enter. I guess, I still got the fashion covered, but I was drenching after the day. 

Food – Inexpensive and Delicious Food

One thing that I always appreciate when travelling to a new place is their cuisine. And Bangkok didn’t disappoint me. In fact, if I ever go back again, sometime soon, I will just be eating and savoring their food. The way they cook seafood and they season pork and chicken - woah, it's a feast in my mouth. Thai Cuisine is definitely delectable and mouthwatering. And do not miss Pad Thai and their Milk Tea.

River Market

A must to experience in Bangkok. Just imagine this, you are in a boat in the middle of a river and stalls are on the side for you to select and buy whatever you want. How different this is compared to your usual walk on the street kind of shopping. 

Shopping Galore

The best place to buy good stuff with cheaper price. For all the Fashionistas out there would agree that Bangkok is a Mecca for Shopping real good but dirt cheap items. For 3 days, my friend and I never stopped buying something. As I add more fabrics to my luggage, my wallet got thinner and thinner. Sorry, there are no pictures for my shopping experience. I guess, I don’t need to explain why.
But, do go to Chatuchak to experience an incredible shopping deals. 

I wanna go back. Probably, I need to revamp my wardrobe to have the excuse I need to visit again and get lost in this city full of fun.

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