Monday, December 15, 2014

My Fave Christmas Glee

It's this time again of the year when Christmas Carols are being played everywhere. I never get tired of singing my hearts out to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock, Jingle Bells, Let is Snow and a whole bunch of carols. Though I am out of tune at times, I still need to belt out a Mariah Carey note as  it's Christmas, simple. For those of my friends who are tired of hearing me sing these jingles, good thing the popular musical TV Series always sing these songs during this season and keeping the melody intact but still beautifully new to our ears. 

Here are some of my favorite songs rendered beautifully by the blended voice of Rachel, Kurt, Blaine and the rest of the Glee Cast of McKinley High. 

Jingle Bell Rock

All I Want For Christmas is You

Let it Snow

White Christmas

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