Saturday, December 27, 2014

To Fitness: Five Minutes with Shaun T

Same old story every year; I am adding extra pounds during the holidays due to Christmas parties, dinners and chocolates as gifts. And to top it up, I can't seem to find time to do my usual workout at the gym because of how busy December can be. Anyway, 10 minutes ago, I have stumbled on this awesome Doctor Oz clip featuring Shaun T. Well, he always invites Shaun T on the show to demo the latter's new exercise routines - Insanity and Focus T 25. And this year, he invited him again to introduce a five minute routine that everyone can do. Well, if you can't follow him, you have no excuse because we have Tanya, the modifier, who can modify the moves and still gives you the result the routine promises. I just hoped I stumbled on this clip earlier but nothing is too late. We still have a week of non-stop gatherings and festive eating and doing this routine will lessen the blow. If one can't do an hour in the gym; or the 60 minutes Insanity Programme or the Focus T 25 - 25 minutes workout, I am so sure all of us have five minutes to spare for this routine. I even spend more than 5 minutes to soap my body and exfoliate. Just 5 minutes to burn fats - I think I can and you can too.  I guess, I have found my morning exercise routine. Thanks Shaun T. 

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