Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015: Everyday Happiness

I am seven days behind for posting something in this blog to welcome the year 2015. I left my immune system back home and did function as a zombie with nonstop coughing during the last days of 2014. However, my mind made sure that I would have a direction for this year. Last year, I told about what I wanted to accomplish  (see this) : To be a person with a bold mind, a brave heart and a selfless soul. Though building those would take time, and I am still working on being that person, I am sure taking that first step of deciding who I want to be is already a huge accomplishment. This year, I have 2 guiding principles. The first one is my 2015 hashtag. This will be my mantra throughout the year, it is #NoMoreExcuses. No more excuses on starting something. No more excuses on saying something. No more excuses on expressing oneself. This year, I vow to embrace life as it is. Friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances, join me in taking that leap of faith and take action to what our hearts and minds tell us.

The second thing that I will be doing differently is keeping a diary of Happy Moments for this year. I am calling this life project - Everyday Happiness. Logging at least one Happy Moment per day is a key to thinking living life is a mundane routine but an exciting journey. Trust me, someday when you look back and read through each day passed, you'd have that smile on your face. Plot anything that made you smile for that day - from seeing your office crush if you have one or getting a free ice cream, to big events on your life, your wedding or birthday perhaps. One simple sentence for each day would tell you personally how you are living your life, if you are actually living it.

I got my small organizer that I keep close to my bed and write the Best thing that happened for that day before I sleep. I intend to do it religiously.

So I tell you, for this year, start something. That first step is the biggest step in shaping this year to our likeness. 

Happy 2015 Everyone. 

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