Monday, February 23, 2015

Gaga over Gaga

For the past days, all I see on my facebook feed is Lady Gaga. From her being engaged to the hottie Taylor Kinnie to her performance at the Oscars. Definitely, she's the talk of the whole universe. Why wouldn't she be? She's just simply AH-MAZING. I have been her fan the moment those Blonde Full Bangs danced around the Poker Face video. I know from the start that she's a great artist even with her  unusual style and crazy video concepts. She's great period, full stop. And this Sound of Music Medley of her has just proven everyone that she's one of the greatest artists of our generation. Besides the fact that she's dang sexy and beautiful. 

Here is her outstanding performance at the Oscars everyone is talking about. Let me join the bandwagon and share it again. and again... and again...

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