Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kyoto: Reversed Tokyo

Whenever I reminisce my visit to Japan, my mind would first drift to that day spent in Kyoto. From the awesome travel via the very famous bullet train; to seeing Mount Fuji during to ride; definitely, Kyoto is the place to be. One will definitely be captivated by the city’s richness in culture. Temples, green, nature, these are the things you will definitely appreciate when visiting this city. Something which is too different from the vibrance of Tokyo.  Here, you will appreciate the abundance of trees than the strom lights along the street. Here, you will appreciate a number of magnificent temples than concrete and elaborately designed architecture. Here, you will appreciate the Geisha performance than that of the Jpop culture. Here, you will love the quietness than that of the lovely noise.  Here, you will feel like you can live simply and happily. At least that’s what this city has gotten me into feeling and thinking.

Arigato Kyoto. Til I visit your kingdom again. 

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