Tuesday, May 12, 2015

AGT: Filipinos Got Talent

I am back in the cyber world. Imagine that this is the only time that I have my personal laptop opened and do actually a write up. Oh my, life happened  and I was so sick for the past month. I know words should still be flowing as only my earthly body was affected by the sudden change in temperature (or commonly known as fever), but what can I do? Inspirations were not in the vicinity and I couldn't seem to find a good subject that I could write about and share to the whole world. Until, last 7th May 2015 when 4 slots in the current Asia's Got Talent were earned by my fellow countrymen. They are the reasons why I do say that I do not know how to sing (*hmm I am kinda in tune - friends, defend me in here) and I do not know how to dance well. These people might have started singing with their Magic Sing and dance in Fiestas and School Programmes, but the level of talent they have and their creativity - absolutely mind blowing. Absolutely fantastic. Here's to wishing at least one of them win the competition, because they are talented. So proud of you guys. 

Here are their performance in the Grand Finals. Videos are owned by Asia's Got Talent. Grabbed from Youtube

El Gamma Penumbra

Gwyneth Dorado 

Gerphil Flores

Junior New System

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