Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's your day Nanay

I am probably one of the luckiest people in the world (well, my siblings are equally lucky too). Because, we are given two incredible ladies to take care of us. We are blessed to have our Mommy and our "Nanay" in our lives. Our Nanay (how we call her), is our Aunt who takes care of us ever since we were toddlers. Imagine the immense sacrifices she endured in taking good care of the five of us while both of our parents were working for our bright future.She's never just an aunt to us because she have done a lot of things a mother should do for her kids -  from changing our nappies, taking good care when we're sick, to nursing our hangover (this is more for my brothers, peace Kuyas and SP). Imagine having a constant guidance throughout your life so that you will not take the wrong path. That's how lucky we are for having her, our Nanay.

You know how much I love you! I love you very much Nanay. Happy Happy Birthday Nanay. At last, we, five, already know your age after the long years you've successfully hid the information. Enjoy the party later. 

Taken during my College Graduation (2009)

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