Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Throwback: Happy in Davao

I just had a great night last night – so this throwback is in some way will be about a great time of my life. Back in 2011, I had this bucket list I made on my birthday. The list was composed of the things I want to do for that year and one of the things included there was a local trip to somewhere in the Philippines – probably the Visayas / Mindanao Region so I could take a domestic flight . You see, I had a sister in Singapore so at that time, all of my trips were bound to Singapura.

I was lucky to have spontaneous friends to join me in my first trip and no need to tell how I felt about it. It was helluva fun. We didn’t have much of sleep and could not check in early but it really was a trip to remember.  By the way, we went to Davao City (less than 2 hours flight). Touring the city alone could take up your weekend – being the largest city in the country with of course a variety of places to visit.

 It was just a weekend getaway but ‘twas one of my firsts to remember.

Here’s a video of the entire trip my dear friend made. I hope you guys enjoy this and be interested in visiting the place too. Awesome City!

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