Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Almost 50: Singapore's 49th

Flags can be seen all around the city center, the kampongs, and all the high rise buildings of Singapura. It only means one thing, the National Day is coming. It's not like I don't see that Red and White flag anywhere anytime of the day at any season of the year, but you will notice that whenever it's National Day (or the whole month of August) the flags are mass produced and all the Singaporeans are very eager and proud to post it to anything they own and let everyone feel their excitement for the nearing celebration. It is truly a celebration, I can still remember my first year and my first time attending the celebration. It was celebrated along the area of MBS and Merlion. A lot were waiting for the magnificent fireworks display that rendered us speechless for some minutes. I even bought my own little Singapura Umbrella to really let everybody know that I too was part of the celebration. 

Happy Birthday Singapura! 
Let's start the countdown for your Golden Birthday!

For more information on what's going to happen this August 9, 2014, visit the NDP Site. Click here:

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