Sunday, August 17, 2014

If We Listen Carefully

Sometimes we love songs with upbeat melody and we never care of the lyrics. I seldom commit this crime because lyrics are more important to me than melody. But this crime is often committed by many especially when the melody is damn great. Here are some songs worth listening again and this time, take time to listen and understand the message of it. You will surely love them more.

Lady Gaga & Born This Way

There's nothin' wrong with lovin' who you are
She said, 'cause He made you perfect, babe
So hold your head up,
girl and you'll go far

TI, Rihanna & Live Your Life

So live your life, hey
You steady chasin' that paper
Just live your life, oh
Ain't got no time for no haters

Bonnie Bailey & Ever After

And now we're slightly weathered, we're slightly worn 
Our hands grip together, eye to eye through the storm, yet 
I still believe in ever after with you, yeahhhhh 
Cuz life is a pleasure with you by my side, 
And there ain't no current in this river we can't ride 
I still believe in ever after with you 

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