Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Throwback: Graduation Time

It’s the month of March, and five years ago, we were counting the days until our Graduation. Imagine how excited I was to finally have the luxury to relax and sleep after those grueling days of February to finalize our Thesis, prepare for our defense and presentation; and to finish on the side our SAD project. Our group had probably injected more than a year supply of caffeine in our body during that month. What can I say, I would like for our Thesis to be one of the bests ever made that year – so I was kind of a strict leader to my close friends and thesis-mates. It did pay off as we got a high score for our Thesis, our baby. What’s the most crucial part, after our defense, we only got 1 week to finish another system for our SAD course. The life in IT – not glamorous but amazingly challenging in so many levels.

Five years ago, I might be excited to finally end being a student; but looking back now, being a student is really easy and amazing. Your goal is to get good grades and pass your courses.  Have a great University life with your friends – go out at night to party, movie dates at the middle of the day, sleepovers, sports and anything under the sun activities that you like doing. And most specially, you have a definite Summer Vacation of more than 1 month to just chill and recharge. Unlike now, I just have 14 days of leave a year (it’s not enough).

I have good memories of my four years in the University that it makes me miss being a student so much. However, it’s time to savor being a professional and enjoy the perks of being an adult. It’s definitely different but equally if not more, exciting and challenging.

Anyhow, here’s the throwback picture for this week.  Thank you Red Images for this formal Graduation picture that made me look more mature than how I look right now. 

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