Saturday, June 14, 2014

Munich: The Posh City

My trip to Munich began with a two-hour flight from Amsterdam with the view of the magnificent Alps (don't ask me for a pic, my phone's and camera's zoom could not identify the difference between the snow-tipped mountains and the clouds). But it was beautiful - a good different window pane view.

Anyway, thank God for the free wifi at the airport because my sister and I were not on the same flight and we needed to see each other else, I'd be doomed. I was a bit nervous because I would be travelling and exploring this city alone. Sister had to work so if I would like to go explore, I need to use my minimal, almost, untrustworthy navigational skills, my undeniable charm (*cough*) and of course my hope that good Samaritans would be everywhere. However, to my utter surprise, Munich's safe and very easy to navigate.
With the very extensive and well-laid out Bahn (train) system, bus, tram rides, one would never get lost in this posh city. You just wouldn't. 

The first place I have visited was their Haupbahnhof (Central Train Station). If I didn't get lost navigating the whole city, I got lost navigating this train station. It was just huge but then again, it was part of the fun. Plus, I got to familiarize what part of the station has Wi-Fi connection - being there everyday. It was always the first point of my travel within the city. Also, in hbf, I was having the best breakfast ever during my whole stay in Europe, the Bratwurst. HAHAHA! My German friend laughed at me when I told her that fact. Because, basically (by German standards), Bratwurst could be eaten any time of the day but never for breakfast. I didn't know about that but even if I knew beforehand, I would still have it for breakfast. I gotta eat all the Bratwurst I could consume during the trip. Imagine that footlong sausage with mustard - woah, that's what we call big breakfast. YUM!! I'm hungry now!

Enough of the Bratwurst, let's go and let me tell you about the Munich experience without the selfie rod. Yeahp! A very unfortunate mistake from my end. I accidentally forgot my selfie rod along with my moisturizer. Two essential things for travelling (alone and in Europe), forgotten in Den Haag. The moisturizer was okay, I could get it anywhere, but the selfie rod, well, NOT. Which meant that I have only a few pictures with the view/the structure. But it was still ok because there were good samaritans around and even volunteered to take my picture with the view. One more thing that needed to be highlighted would be the having a warm weather and I brought long sleeves and tights with me. HAHAHA, I almost bought new set of summer clothes because people were staring at my funky leggings and/or my tights. But, good thing I didn't and just spent it eating good stuffs - schnitzel for lunch and Schweinshaxe for dinner. Oh yeah!

Their Marienplatz (market place), one of the places I have visited the most in Munich. I was literally there everyday to just stroll, sit and relax and shop.  Day and Night, I was there solo, or with my sister, enjoying the life of this place. 

Apart from the beauty of their architecture and the best Baroque structures I've seen during my three-week Euro trip, Munich's BMW Welt and Museum was one of the highlights of this city. I have seen a lot of structures and paintings, it was the perfect time to see a different kind of museum. It was a huge museum of cars and I gotta say, the competition made it to the point to leave a mark in me - it was freakin' awesome. Motorbikes, vintage cars, race cars, new designs - everything that made BMW, the BMW was there inside the museum. Next time, I promise. I would go visit Stuttgart for our museum. 

And last but not the least, the one thing that every visitor of this city would do and experience: drinking beer in their beergardens. Haha, if eating ice cream in a cold weather felt weird the first time, imagine how weird it was to drink 1 litre of beer at 2PM for the asian girl me. But I gotta do what the locals do, have beer whenever you can. Cheers!

Knowing that Munich would be the next home-base, I'm sure that I wouldn't have any problems at all. Great food, safe city, all-smiles people around - it would be awesome to go back to this city every freaking chance I would have. Until we meet again Bratwurst and Currywurst.

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