Friday, June 20, 2014

Salzburg: Do-Re-Mi

Do, a deer, a female deer
Re, a drop of golden sun
Mi, a name, i call myself
Fa, a long long way to run
So, a needle pulling thread
La, a note to follow So
Ti, a drink with jam and bread
and that brings us back to Do-oh-oh-oh

Doing this entry made me sing a song we are all familiar with, the Do-Re-Mi from the Sound of Music. I am guessing that you sang the lyrics above. Who wouldn't, right?

Anyway, one rainy day of visiting the Old town of Salzburg was not enough to appreciate the art surrounding its walls. Lucky us, it was drizzling because if not, I wouldn't have the chance to stroll freely on the streets where Maria hopped with glee.

Remember when Maria taught the Do-Re-Mi song to the Trapp children? Well, I had the chance to stroll the Mirabell Garden where the scene was taken. I also knew from our dearest tour guide that the garden was a dedication of a priest to his  mistress (there are really good facts when joining a tour- historic places are not visited to be seen, but to be appreciated thru learning their stories)

And do you remember the wedding? Ohh, the processional song by the nuns! It was playing on my head when we reached the Cathedral. All in all, it was like reliving the musical again.

But visiting this place was not only to see the location of the musical. It was also good to see the birthplace of the ever gifted Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, or simply Mozart. I'd say that his symphonies especially the 40 & 41 are gems of Classical Music. Most of us wouldn't know that it was Mozart, but try checking out his symphonies and you'd be shocked to recognize the music cause it had been the background music of gazillion movies. Yeah, that's Mozart. 

Also, in this place I have discovered a marzipan covered with dark chocolate (over and over again). That was one little piece of heaven, the Mozart Ball. I thought the tour guide was just advertising (exaggeratedly)  when he said that you can't get enough of the goodies, but when I tried it, woah, I was not yet out of the store and I was already buying some more pieces. It was that good. 

Anyway, here are some of the pictures of the place. Unfortunately, my selfie rod was once again in Den Haag during the trip. 

Salzburg, your small alleys, your fortress, and your musical history are worth the travel alone on a rainy day cause you are that good that even the rain couldn't make you less beautiful. I'd be back for more but make sure you still have the Mozart Balls. 

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