Thursday, January 23, 2014


We often forget the meaning of another morning, or another day. We never see it as something good, a new start, a new beginning. Most of the time, we dwell on our problems/hardships too much that when we wake up we only see another day of suffering, or another day of pain. Or sometimes, we see our life as a routine that another day is just the same day as yesterday or the day before that. Let's start appreciating what a new tomorrow is, a day to be better and a day of progress. This article from thedailylove further reminds me of what a Good Morning really is. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.  

One of my favorite things about life is that we all get a chance, once a day, to start over.
The morning comes bearing gifts of renewal, redemption and a chance to start all over again. The fresh dew on the leaves glimmer as the sun is just starting to poke her head out from the horizon and imbue each morning with the promise of revival. Moments like these remind me that life goes on.
And not only does life go on, but this very morning you have a chance to make a new decision about HOW it goes. I know I don’t get it perfect; I mess up every day. When I first started trying to kick sugar, I failed 20 times a week. But I try and try again. And each day I am closer to my result.
The same thing goes for goals, achieving dreams and the quality of your life. You may not have gotten it perfect in the past, but perfection is never what we can really achieve – only progress. When you stop trying to be perfect and embrace progress OVER perfection, you free yourself to live a life on your terms. (Tweet-worthy!) We, my friend, are human beings, and by our very nature, we are not perfect.
But what we can do is welcome the promise of the morning, of each new day that reminds us that we can try again and today get it 1% more right. We can be 1% more on our own side, we can love ourselves 1% more and we can come 1% closer to our dreams.
You and I don’t need to get it all done today, because we can’t; but we can achieve 1% more than we did yesterday. We can forgive ourselves 1% more than we did yesterday. We can show up for our loved ones 1% more than we did yesterday.
The promise of the morning inspires me every day. Today, I am going to do 1% better than I did yesterday. Day by day, slowly but surely, these small incremental changes will bring about MASSIVE change in our lives.
Embrace the promise of renewal each morning, and for today, don’t try to be perfect, just be 1% better than you were yesterday.

Let’s get there, together, one day at a time. Will your join me?

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