Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Throwback: Happy Kid in Disney

I guess it’s every kid’s dream to go to Disneyland. Once in your lifetime, you just have to be there and be a kid all over again (if you happen to visit the place past your puberty, like I do). And for those parents who aim for their kids to visit this at their young age, well, I guess, it’s something your kid will treasure (Hooray for you). Because, let’s face it, the rides are way too kiddy for people of Generation Y (yes! I am included in that category). I don’t know with you, but when my friends and I planned to visit Hongkong, without a doubt, we allocated a day for this theme park alone. And we didn’t regret any minute of it. We did enjoy seeing the Parade of Stars, well, more of cartoon characters/ mascots; a humongous Mickey and Minnie Mouse; and of course the famous Disney Castle.  It was a helluva experience to be a kid again joined by a playful clique.  I guess, there’s no better group to be with when visiting this place than with them. Overjoyed to the nth level. 

Welcome to us. Excited and Very Prepared

Yes! There's the Mickey Garden

Giddy Me! Look! there's the Disney Castle!

A kid again wishing on the well. Til now, it's not coming true. 

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