Thursday, January 2, 2014

Spread Wars ( I will always go back to the original)

I guess I am super late on writing about one of 2013's craze, Speculoos, also known as the Cookie Butter Spread. I believe it started with Filipino artists posting about them eating Trader Joe's Cookie Butter on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Accounts. Then there goes their fans trying them out. Oh well, if Adam Levine had posted about the same and did love it, I guess I would be that interested in trying it out and I guess I would have been crazy about it with the mere reason that he loved it (talk about influence and bias). But then again, he didn't post an entry about it so here's a  fair review about the Cookie Butter Brands and to make things more interesting, I added up my all time favourite spread - Lily's Peanut Butter.

Trader Joe's versus Lotus

The reason I made this entry just now is because I just had a taste of Trader Joe's Cookie Butter (Thanks to a dear friend who gave it to me). Yes, I am a loser but it's all because of the fact that the product is not available in Singapore. Imagine being curious about a product that's all over your Facebook Feed and never had a chance to try it, well, it sucks. But thanks to my sister who had numerous business trips to Holland that she bought the Original Biscoff for us to try it. And I love it. It's very creamy and it's super crunchy. It may not be the brand that everyone is drooling about, but at least I had a taste of what it's like. I love Lotus' Biscoff Crunchy, and their Creamy version. My sister also did buy speculaas ( the cookie itself) that I can crush to mix it with the creamy version once I finish my Crunchy. This spread became my breakfast for few weeks and I didn't mind the calories behind it. On my defense, I eat the spread with wholemeal bread. So let's make a fast forward to the day I tasted Trader Joe's, well, it didn't make me drool. My first reaction was like, it's not creamy enough. Then I tried it again, and it's not crunchy enough. I guess I was expecting something extraordinary out of the bottle since I saw a lot of posts about it, but then, the OriginalSpeculoos is better. For those people who haven't tried Lotus Biscoff ( if you bought it in US) or Original Speculoos (If it's from Europe), please try it out. Trust me (a certified sweet tooth), that it's better. 

Though Lotus won, I would always prefer Lily's Peanut Butter. This is the king of all Peanut Butter Spreads. Nothing beats the taste of Homemade Peanut Butter (the butter oil is still there for you to mix it). In fact, I can finish this pack in less than 10 days. I partner it with toasted wholemeal bread. Sometimes, I add banana inside as a filling. It's my favourite breakfast when I'm overseas. Plus, include the fact that it's healthy - I guess this fact makes it perfect.

I am sure that there will be a lot of new products that will come out this year 2014. I will always try them out and let's see if there will be this one product that can replace my all time favourite. I doubt there will be but who knows?  

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