Monday, May 26, 2014

Antwerp: Best Gate to Belgium

The Belgium leg of my Eurotrip started with my first cross-country train ride from Den Haag to Antwerp, Belgium. It was a good one hour ride and I used that time to relax and sleep cause you know, jet lag kicked in. But it didn’t stop me from admiring Antwerp’s Central Station: the most beautiful train station I’ve ever been so far. Imagine going out of the train to see that very elegant centerpiece. I was really gawking and it amped my energy and my expectation of Belgium and of Europe in general.

Antwerpen, is the biggest port of Belgium where you'll see a street full of diamond dealers, a fortress in the river, and a city of medieval era. From the Neo-Gothic facade of it's Centraal station, a walk to the streets of this city is the perfect way to appreciate its life and what it can offer to first timers like me.

Here are some of the pictures I've taken of this medieval city.

The Cathedral

 The City Hall and the Statue of Brabo

Het Steen

And of course, in the first city I've visited, I've tried the Belgian Waffles too. One word to describe it: heerlijk (delicious, yummy, tasty!)  Oh well, there would be more of this. I was in freakin' Belgium - waffles and chocolates were a must. Calorie counting was long forgotten when the train crossed the Belgium border.

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