Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My hots for Brussels

If I would describe the four cities of Belgium that I have visited, Brussels would be the notorious and the black sheep of them but equally beautiful. You know the feeling of being magnetized to bad boys? With the mystery and the charm behind their smile and look, ohhh, one would swoon. It happens rarely to me as I am more into clean guys, but once in a while, their charm affects me. Enough of talking about my preferences on guys, let’s go back to Brussels. So yeah, it’s the kind of city you would describe as rough but you would be shocked to see their Grote Markt – the beauty in the heart of the city. I can say that during my stay, Brussels didn't fail to show me its life. The city has an undeniable energy that would make you feel happy even by just strolling the streets.

This is the Mannekin Pis (It is a small bronze fountain sculpture depicting a naked little boy urinating into the fountain's basin)

Or the best Belgian Waffle may have contributed to my feeling happy. You know, sugar rush? Oh! Did I ever tell you that Brussels has the best Belgian Waffle? Oh, yeah, I did. But it's worth repeating. Yup! We have stumbled on a street with a Leonidas' shop with a Waffle Store on the side. Sorry guys, I can't remember the street name though, there are a lot of Leonidas shops but not all  have a waffle store. But imagine the feeling of tasting melted Leonidas' chocolate on a waffle - it's worth the hunt for that street. Gosh! I am salivating now!! Best of all, it's only less than 2 Euros!!!   

The city is bustling with entertainment even in the middle of the night. A fun stroll is worth the taxi ride back to our pad.

Brussels, though you are rough, you are worth visiting. 'Til the next time we see each other again, sexy and hot mess!

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