Thursday, May 29, 2014

Brugge: Beauty is an Understatement

If there is a place I was looking forward to visiting in Belgium, it's definitely Brugge. Some of my friends who went there were amazed by this city. And so, curiosity got me into convincing my sister and brother-in-law to drive the highway from Brussels to Brugge (Bruges) to discover this interesting place. And I did not need to use a lot of my convincing powers as my brother-in-law had been there and was equally amazed by its beauty.

When we finally arrived, I was very eager to go out of B-Mo (the car) not because of the excitement of seeing the place, but because I was in dire need of a toilet. HAHAHA. Too much information, I know. But my need of finding a toilet did not stop me from stopping to admire the beauty of the city. With the first few things I saw with the reach of my sight, I was then in a hurry to finish my business in the toilet and finally enjoy the awesome Brugge.
It's a city of small alleys, cobblestone pavements, and canals. I may have described a beautiful location for a romantic movie. Well, it definitely is a picturesque setting but behold, if you ever plan to make use of its beauty, you better tell all the tourists to back away. This gem is no stranger to visitors and selfie-takers. We were a lot in there. With it's beauty, I can't deny the fact that everyone wants to be mesmerized by Brugge.
Here are some of the photos that we personally took of this beautiful city, a UNESCO Heritage site. Let me take you to a place where the word beauty is an understatement.

 Me and My Sis infront of the Stadhuis, a 1376 structure.

The Belfry (Belfort)
The most important of Bruge's towers. An almost leaning tower.

The Markt

Brugge, I will go back to you and take that leisure stroll to your bridges and alleys and be mesmerized again. 

But before I end this post, let me post a #selfie

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