Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Robin Ruth:Your Great City Souvenir

I do not really shop when I travel. Well, scratch that, I shop for others. I always think that I am blessed enough to be in a new place. As a way to share that moment, I bring back souvenirs and treats from the place for my close friends and relatives. Also, I take tons of pictures and post them on social media (please don't hate me with some selfies - it's mandatory). Most of the time, I just bring back a small souvenir for myself. Before, I used to collect Starbucks tumblers with the knowledge that all countries have this mermaid somewhere in their streets. But this collection stopped when I went to Phnom Penh, and found out that there was no Starbucks there. So I was back on getting small thingies such as keychains from the place. Until one time, sister came back from a business trip and gave me a Robin Ruth Neck Wallet (which can be used as a sling bag). I just love the color and the font. After the Rothenburg item, I told my sister to buy me more - being the baby sister has some perks (Thanks Ate!!).

Robin Ruth started in Amsterdam. A new twist of souvenir. It's something that you can only buy from the city. It's not like Hard Rock CafĂ© shirts, or your Starbucks Tumblers where you can buy other places/ cities in one place. Robin Ruth items of a city can be bought only in the city it advertises. So it's either you've been there or you know someone who went to the place. I have few items from sister and friends but I told myself that I would buy my Robin Ruth bags during my Eurotrip. Well, I bought quite a few but those were the only items I got for myself. I told you, I don't shop when I travel. I just sightsee, discover, and indulge.

So here are the items from my Europe Trip this year. Looks like I missed Antwerp and Dubai.

Barcelona - Roma - Amsterdam


Brussels - Brugge - Holland (Keukenhof)


Paris - Austria - Munchen

If you will travel to Europe and you see these Robin Ruth items, buy some for your self. They have bags, scarves, neck wallets, wallets, umbrella, pot holders, and keyrings. Most importantly, they are of good quality and very funky. But make sure you are getting Robin Ruth. You know, there are other brands of almost the same design. But being bias, I love the original.

Friends especially who are going to travel to the US, UK, and other places,  buy me some! Please! Pretty Please! Pretty Please Please! You will make me very happy, REALLY!

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