Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Journey to Weight-loss: Healthy Choices I Made

I love food …. A lot! Maintaining my weight doesn't stop me from eating food. In some ways, it made me eat more. And this is the reason I was given the nickname, Muncher. Yeah, I eat a biscuit or two whenever I feel like it and still achieving my goal of maintaining the weight loss. Of course, I made some changes on what I eat – but not a drastic change; just healthier choices which I love.

Switching from White Bread to  Wholemeal Bread

My Kaya Toast is never the same again with a white bread. Gotta say, I am now digging the rough texture of the loaf and the benefits I get from it.

White flour and wholemeal flour are the two main types of wheat flour. In the production of wholemeal flour the whole grain is used. This type of flour has an extraction rate of 100%, which means nothing is removed during milling. White flour is refined. The bran and nutrient-packed germ are separated from the rest of the grain losing many nutrients. There are also different types of flour between these two main types. What is commonly called “brown flour” has a higher extraction rate than white flour. It contains more bran and this gives the flour darker colour. The wholemeal flour contains all parts of the grain: the fibre-rich bran (outer layer), the endosperm (middle layer) and the germ (inner layer). The bran provides fibre, B vitamins, minerals, protein and other phytochemicals. The endosperm contains carbohydrates, proteins and small amounts of B vitamins. The germ is packed with minerals, B vitamins, vitamin E and other phytochemicals. Whole grain foods are an important part of the diet because they provide many nutrients. The regular consumption of whole grain foods has been linked by researchers to a reduction of several diseases including heart disease and cancer, especially colon cancer.

 Refuel with Water 
It is never a myth that we need to drink water. Eight glasses may not be the rule of thumb, but a guideline as we lose water content in every activity we do. Plus, it is a fact that Water helps control the Calories.

 Roast/ Grill  over Fried
If I have the choice, I would always go for a roast over fried food. Apart from the taste, only thinking of additional fat on frying the food made me choose the roasted/ grilled version of the meat.

Munch with Nuts

Whenever I want to munch something during weekends, I stay away from the MSG filled Chips and instead go for nuts – almonds, cashew and peanuts. They are good source of antioxdiants with lower fat contents.

 Nuts for Weightloss- http://www.caloriesecrets.net/best-healthy-nuts-and-seeds-for-weight-loss/

Stay Tuned for More of the choices I made.. And remember this

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