Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When In Singapore: Singlish

Going to Singapore, a simple visit or a big move, one will experience communicating with Singlish - Singapore's version of the English language. I can say that it's quite unique as the creole english phrases and expressions are a mix of Malay, Chinese and English. Being here for some time now made me pick up and understand a few of these phrases that at first found them interesting to translate and decode. 

Here are some words and phrases from an outsider's perspective - not mine. Singaporean friends, help me verify. Can? Just saw the article randomly on the internet, I found it interesting enough to share. Someday, I will have my own list and have another entry in here based on my own experience and conversation with the locals. 


Singaporeans are efficient people, and prefer to take less time and words to express themselves.
Singlish is the creole version of English spoken in Singapore. Much of its grammatical structure comes from Chinese and a lot of its emphasis words (“lah”, “leh”, “meh”) come from Chinese and Bahasa languages. It is spoken super-fast, and super-compressed.
“Me go now, wait for you, lah?”
“Can anot?” (Will you or won’t you?)
When time is money, we really can’t afford to spend time on those extra syllables when it is possible to get our meaning across with far fewer words.

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