Sunday, August 10, 2014

Adam: But are we all lost stars?

I thought I got over Adam Levine getting married. But like all of his fans, it would take much longer to accept that fact especially when we start listening to some of his great songs. I guess I am part of the first fan generation of Maroon 5. I was kinda digging This Love and me liking a song during my Meteor Garden days meant that the song's THAT GREAT! (somebody's got my attention apart from the F4.) 

Anyway, here are some of his new songs from the movie Begin Again. The movie featured Maps, a new single from Maroon 5. I am now excited for Maroon 5's V album. I'm so sure it will be awesome just like any other albums of this band. 


Lost Stars

A Higher Place

No One Else Like You

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