Thursday, August 14, 2014


Because life is never a straight path but a curvy and challenging one. It never was and will never be. _____
I get it. Life happens. It happens big. And it can be distracting. Other people rely on you. Things happen outside of your control.
And usually not just once. But a lot.
In fact, that is really what life is. A series of events that happens – many of which we can’t control.
And if we aren’t careful, we can let all the things that happen derail us from what we really want.
I get asked all the time “How do I stay on track and not get caught up?”
Caught up in what?
A relationship.
The key thing is to make a daily practice of remembering what you want. But not just the goals that you want. The feelings that you want to feel.
For the most part – we are emotional creatures. All the goals we set, we set because we want to feel a certain way. This has been one of the core ideas I’ve been teaching for years.
The problem is that many of us go about trying to get the things we want, so we can feel the way we want to feel – in a backwards way.
We show in life to take, rather than give. We try to stress ourselves to peace. Or lack our way to abundance. Or resent our way to joy.
It doesn’t work.
When you think about the goals you want to set – ask yourself – what are the feelings you are actually going for?
Perhaps the finances you want to create are because you want to feel protected and free.
Perhaps you want the relationship so that you can feel love and connection.
Maybe you want the start a business so you can feel worthy.
And all these are wonderful things.
But – we must look at the means to our end. We must start from where we want to end, instead of the other way around.
So, look at your goals. Try to find the emotions you are looking for in setting their goals.
Let’s say it’s – feeling worthy.
So instead of going out and chasing a sense of feeling your worth.
Ask this question: What can I do today to feel worthy?
The answer may surprise you. And how can you remember to never forget this? How can you not get caught up in life?
By making this a daily practice.
Imagine not showering for a month.
The same thing happens to our emotional life when we forget to connect back to what we really want to feel as a daily practice.
So – what do you want to feel today? And what can your new daily practice of remembering be?


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