Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pentatonix: A Cappella Meets Beat Box

I am always in awe every time I get to listen to popular songs being performed in A cappella beautifully. I mean the instruments give that 50% of the beauty of a song and a group would take the challenge of stripping the song down and still making it beautiful without the instruments, just the blend of their voices. I always have goosebumps listening to these kind of songs. No other words to describe that feeling. Then there's the beat boxing. If A cappella is singing the song without the instruments for the melody, beat boxing is singing the melody without the words. This is a talent not everyone can do. I tried doing it, I only ended up spewing a load of saliva; never did it again. Listening to one performing kinda amazes me, I mean who wouldn't be amazed by that?

Anyway, here's a group that does both at the same time and they are awesome. They are the Pentatonix. If you haven't heard any of their songs, here are some that would blow your mind. Super amazeballs!

Daft Punk Medley

Somebody that I Used to Know
Gotye feat Kimbra


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