Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nat Geo People: Street Food Around the World

I do not know what happened, but one day I found myself enjoying Nat Geo People Channel for the whole day. And since then, every time I visit the living room, I sit down on the couch, click the remote control and look for the channel and watch comfortably. Try it, it doesn't only enhance your knowledge, but the channel will take you on a journey that you will never forget. Or probably because this channel features mostly food trips and travel. Two things I enjoy doing and actually love doing.

Anyway, I have already announced it on my facebook account so it's no secret that I somewhat have a crush on Ishai Golan. He is funny, he travels and he loves food. I like how he hosts his shows. And I can say, him being that funny actually is one of the reasons why I love this channel. 

One of his shows which I always watch is Street food around the World. From the title itself, you would know that this show features all the street food of the city he's in. Going to the streets, eating balut,kabab, doner, pho, and much much more.Not only do I get hungry every time I am watching, but suddenly I have this urge to check the city he's in, possibly contemplating the idea of going to the place and personally eat those delicacies. Damn, it's this show that I am really checking the possibility of pushing to visit Istanbul sooner than later. I still remember his (Ishai's)words - a city where east meets west; a cuisine influenced by both Asia and Europe. His words are like music to my ears and I can't wait to hop on a plane to take me there. You can say I am dreaming. I possibly am - it's actually the fuel that I need to drive this urge. 

Thank you Nat Geo for feeding the travel beast and the foodie in me. Your effort to influence is appreciated - at least by me.

Official Site: http://www.natgeotv.com/asia

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