Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Feel Good

I am probably reaching the late 20’s age since I am contented with the songs on my iPod. It’s not like I despise all the songs of today – there are really good ones (and once in a while I play ‘em on Spotify), but I can’t forego the songs I used to sing when I was in my teenage years – and I can say that the songs of my generation have beautiful lyrics that can last forever. I will probably be listening and singing these songs even if I am already at the age of fifty and hopefully my iPod will still be there with me.

In this Blog entry, I will share some of my favourite songs of all-time. Don't worry, I am not sharing the rocker side yet, just those feel-good songs that can make me smile in an instant.  These are some of the songs I usually play whenever I am happy or I want to be happy. So enjoy and……….be happy. 

Alice Peacock & John Mayer

Bad Day
Daniel Powter

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Your Body is a WonderlandJohn Mayer

Jet Lag
Simple Plan & Natasha Bedingfield

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