Friday, April 18, 2014

My Day and The Year Ahead

A little late don't you think? HAHAHA, I think I have the right to be late in writing this post, 'cause I just had one heck of a Birthday Celebration even if I had to do it differently. Being it on Good Friday and as a Catholic, I couldn't really have all of my friends gathered to eat a feast, drink booze and sing our hearts out with the Magic Sing (yeah, that's the Filipino way of celebration). I may have just posted on Facebook about that day being greater than being it my birthday.  So instead of all the lovely noise, I have found peace and joy in the loudest of silence with spending it with God. It was a different way but still a fulfilling way.

During the season of Lent, I had the time to think things through and contemplate. And I have found what I think would make my year ahead a fulfilling journey. It's finding that direction and purpose and while in the process of looking, enjoying the journey with lessons that could make me a stronger person. I think others would say that I think way too much; that I need to let everything flow and enjoy the ride. I am not saying I will not enjoy life, but I think finding that direction (I think I am a bit late on realizing this) is necessary for us to live our lives fully. So this year will be focused on that alone, finding that direction - trying everything new, testing the waters, pushing the limits until I finally found that. It may take days, months or even years, but I owe it to the Lord to actually living the life He gave and serving my purpose He planned.

The journey is long but with all of my friends and the experiences, I think I will enjoy it.

Gotta go and live my life now.. Cheer! 

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