Monday, April 21, 2014

Viva La Zumba!

I had my last Zumba class last Saturday before my big trip and it felt weird that I was a bit sad that I won't be doing it for four weeks. Haha, talk about passion! But behold, I am not an addict, it's just that dancing makes me feel good. Swaying to the tune of Salsa and Rumba, damn! that's an hour of good release and stress-relief. Here are two of the songs I am really fond of dancing with. Looking for a youtube video almost made me get up to my feet and shimmy a lot. I hope one day I can upload a video of me dancing - when I have managed to master at least one song.  You can try dancing with these tunes and choreography and let you feel what I feel. Out of Breath! HAHAHA

Let's be healthy and fit with ZUMBA Fitness. 

Viva  La Vida 

El Amor, El Amor

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