Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throwback: My first IndoChina City, the Great Phnom Penh

As the title suggests, it’s the first city of the IndoChina region that I have visited and it was a good city. Definitely different compared to Manila, KL and Singapore (back then, I have just travelled these 3 unique cities). With that being said, it was my first time to see lots and I mean looooots of Buddhas and the very blingy and shiny pagodas.  If you visit the place, you really would feel how their religion constantly influences their lives. You will see Buddhas everywhere you go, from the small ones to humongous ones and you would see people praying at any time of the day.

Touring around the city, one would need to wear decent fashion (out of respect to their culture and religion of course). Imagine direct sunlight during the day and I was wearing my favorite faded jeans. I felt like it weighed a ton. But the sacrifice was worth it – the city’s beautiful. Not very busy compared to Bangkok, and not as closed compared to Yangon. Overall, I can say I enjoyed this city. The places we have visited; the food we have eaten; our purchases with US Dollars; and their history, all part of the extravagant Phnom Penh. And one important thing, I think it’s safe and inexpensive city. Our tuktuk driver was very friendly and was really helpful. He was our tourist guide – a great one.

I want to visit Cambodia again. Of course, this time, I want to see the very famous Angkor Wat – our real world Temple Run. I trust myself that it would be soon. And after that experience in Angkor Wat, I am sure that I will like this country more. 

Wat Phnom

National Museum



and the Selfie (no selfierod yet)

Come on! Who wants to join me in my next expedition to the beautiful Cambodia? 

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