Thursday, April 3, 2014

Throwback: Back to the Club

I guess everyone would agree with me that university life is not complete without clubbing like there's no tomorrow. Needless to say, I was once a regular of the clubs in Eastwood and The Fort. Everyone still remember Embassy? Basement? These are the legends of parties before the rise of Prive and Republiq. I can still remember the songs I used to dance to x number of years back. Closer by Neyo, Low by Florida, Disturbia by Rihanna. Hahaha. These songs are considered classic these days, but at least I am not dancing to the tune of Gentleman and Gangnam Style. Anyway, this throwback is dedicated to the girls I was with dancing to these classic tunes and dressing up like women.

I miss partying with my girls. Or I just miss being around you girls dancing the night away. Who needs a dance partner if you have your girlfriends who can dance low perfectly? I guess, I won't. 

Blurry I know. 

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