Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bombshell Brownies

I love sweets and that's not a secret at all. I love anything that's made of chocolate and sugar - it's fattening I know, but how can I resist a box of Ferrero Rondnoir or a freshly made New York Cheesecake? At first bite of anything sweet, I know I have fallen in love all over again. It's not an exaggeration, I mean it; that's how I feel whenever I have the chance to taste a good chocolate bar or a cake or both. So the next time you see me moping, pouting or having a bad day, you can bring back my biggest grin through a calorie-packed chocolate bar.

With all that being said, if there's one hobby that I have developed in living alone overseas, it's definitely baking. Satisfying your own weakness and cravings is necessary. Plus, I get to de-stress too. And the best part of all, I get to share my creations with others. We never know, I can sell these goodies, make lots of money; and make others love me, if they haven't yet. HAHAHA! I am still a beginner though. Sometimes, I forget to add some ingredients and waste a batch of goodies. But I don't stop until I perfect it. 

First challenge in pursuing this hobby is searching for great recipes out there. You can either buy cookbooks or check the web for recipes. I am looking for great recipes from the internet as others are giving feedbacks too to improve the recipe. 

I have tried a recipe from : It's a recipe of a gooey and fudgy brownie. Personally, I don't like fluffy brownies. What I love is a brownie that's gooey, or at some point, hard and very chocolatey. When I saw this, I didn't have a second thought to try it, and damn, it's soooooooooooooooooo good. It's gooey, it's fudgy, and it's uber chocolatey. Colleagues did give a 2 thumbs up for the recipe and wanted me to bring more next time. I'll probably make this again and will make sure to share the happiness to others. 

"Seduction straight from the oven! Rich, dark, and chocolatey, this brownie recipe uses cocoa powder, semi-sweet chocolate morsels, and butter, of course, to make an ultra intense chocolate treat." -

It looks like a block of dark chocolate! So chocolatey!

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