Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thank You UNICEF

Apart from receiving an email about winning a lottery or a trip all over Europe or that email from your Manager informing you about that promotion you've been waiting for; a simple email thanking you for the tiniest help you've extended would definitely warm your heart. During Haiyan, I had that urge to help out. I even bombarded my contacts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with posts on the ways to help. One of the things I did during that time was donating money thru UNICEF. Why UNICEF? Well, it's a legit organization to trust your donations with. During these times of tragedy, you'd want for your help to securely be given to those in need and I knew UNICEF's  a great channel to extend that helping hand. When I donated, it definitely warmed my heart with the fact that in my own little way, I had helped my fellow Filipinos in need. But receiving the email below and truly knowing that what I donated did reach the victims, it made my heart skip a beat faster. Thank you UNICEF for being my way to reach out and help my kababayans even if I am miles away.

For all those who wish to donate, it's still not too late.  You can make a donation and help out especially the kids. Help them by donating and giving aid thru organizations like UNICEF. 

Click this link now to extend a helping hand.

Dear Tere ( Not my real name of course),

More than a month after typhoon Yolanda devastated Central Visayas, people are slowly but surely picking up the pieces, rebuilding their lives.

On a recent trip to Tanauan, Leyte I met Bernadette Segura, age 20, and her 6 month old baby Angel Grace during the ongoing mass vaccination campaign by the Department of Health supported by UNICEF and partners.

The health workers had turned a partially destroyed chapel into an immunization centre. One of the health workers picked up a megaphone and announced that free vaccines will be given to children ages 0-5 years. Within minutes, parents and caregivers trickled into the chapel with their babies and young children in tow.

Angel Grace is very well-behaved. She took her Vitamin A supplement and polio drops without a fuss, and only cried when she got her measles injection. Bernadette tells me they were lucky to escape the storm alive.

"We were home during the typhoon. I carried Angel Grace as the flood waters rose rapidly. Thankfully there were no waves. My husband was with me and he made sure I stayed afloat while I carried Angel Grace in my arms," Bernadette shared. She now lives in a makeshift shelter built from scraps exactly where her house once stood. Bernadette is thankful to be alive.

"I wasn't sure what shots to get for Angel Grace because I am a new mother. When I heard the announcement about the free vaccines I immediately came."

UNICEF works with government and partners to provide measles, oral polio vaccines and Vitamin A supplements to ensure all children from 0-5 years old in Yolanda-affected areas are protected against infections and diseases.

Bernadette is thankful. "If not for this program, my baby will not get her shots. Our home is gone, but at least we are all alive. That is the most important thing now."

We are working tirelessly to ensure children like Angel Grace have access to lifesaving interventions to help them survive and thrive despite Typhoon Yolanda. Your generous contribution makes this possible.

Thank you from your UNICEF Family!

UNICEF Philippines
UNICEF Philippines
Bernadette holds 6 month old Angel Grace while she gets checked for signs of malnutrition.

Michelle P. Borromeo
Michelle P. Borromeo
Head Fundraiser
UNICEF Philippines

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