Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Native by One Republic

I am hiatus on reading novels during my train ride to/from office because I am still fond of listening to One Republic's latest album, Native (I promise to go back into reading by next week, hopefully).
Of course, I downloaded the full album mainly because of their single Counting Stars. I have heard the song way before I downloaded it but I got really interested with it when Ryan Tedder himself coached 2 contestants in the recently concluded season of The Voice for their battle round with this song. He described the lyrics and why he wrote it. So after I watched the episode, I downloaded the full album and to my amazement, the whole album’s insane! Song after song after song, I was like “this is really good”. If you have heard the album, you’d agree with me that this album is AMAZING. The melodies of the songs are upbeat and unlike One Republic’s old songs.

Here are my favorites:
1.     Counting Stars
2.     If I Lose Myself
3.     Something I Need
4.     I Lived
5.     Feel Again

Luckily, I saw a Youtube video for me to share the whole album. I hope you have time to listen to the album. If you loved One Republic’s old hits, you’ll definitely love this album. I promise you! Click the link below and enjoy a good hour of good music.

Youtube video is viewable only in desktop/laptop and not in mobile. 

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